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Asha Surti of Reiki Traveler Shares Her At-Home Self-Care Routine

by Jen Gonzalez
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By now, we’re all feeling the stir-craziness. We’ve been social distancing for quite some time + have been spending loads of time at home. To help fight off those feelings, however, Reiki master Asha Surti is here to help. Asha is well-known in Hoboken for her energy-shifting abilities, but today she’s sharing with us how the major shift into quarantine does not necessarily mean isolation, as she administers her popular distance healings and virtual Reiki trainings. {Because let’s face it, there is no better time to acquire these self-healing tools for you and your loved ones than during this pandemic.} Plus, Asha is also sharing some serious self-care pointers on how she stays zen and centered within the confines of her home. Here are her at-home self-care tips:


How do you stay healthy and not go stir-crazy during a quarantine? 

I’ve completely surrendered to the shifts that are happening {ask me last week and it was a different story} but I think that for me, it has been the most important piece. I decided to not put my headspace in going back in time, but instead creating a new normal that works for me. I’ve been working out with my personal trainer at a distance {Erika Santos — she’s amazing and Hoboken based} who has created an awesome individualized program for me to release energy and stay grounded.

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Going outdoors even for a quick walk to get sun helps ground me. I’ve noticed the Hudson is clearer, the birds are out and singing louder, and nature is truly restoring itself — it’s actually really beautiful. I also have been cooking regularly using Hello Fresh {highly recommended} which makes me feel accomplished. I do little things like make my bed in the morning to start the day feeling productive, light Reiki candles around my home to pull into zen, and connect with clients via FaceTime for distance healing sessions and Reiki teachings which helps feed the deeper connections I crave so badly right now.

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What have you been eating? Do you have any recipes to share? 

Hello Fresh — they are still delivering and my package of three meals {since I usually have leftovers from it too} is good for a whole week. It’s great because I don’t waste any food either and they give exact proportions. In the morning, I start with my egg white omelet topped with avocado slices and cayenne pepper. I also love my homemade chai every morning and add in ginger, cinnamon, turmeric to keep some warming spices in my diet {these spices used regularly can really help cleanse our immune system}. 

What is a self-care tip you can easily do at home with no equipment? 

I don’t know what I would do without my regular Epsom salt baths. Epsom salt helps relax the physical body and any tension, while also cleansing your energy field. You can also add in some lavender oil for extra relaxation. I like to play meditative music, light a candle, and just focus on releasing any tension during it. Twenty minutes is sufficient. If you don’t have a tub, try to sprinkle Epsom salt over your body while showering — it feels uplifting and is a good energy detox as well. If you feel like you need a good sweat to release toxins, I recommend adding in ginger {fresh or the powder is just fine}. 

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How do you destress during the hysteria? 

I exchange distance Reiki sessions with my community of healers, it helps to know that you have support and can let go for a while as well while someone else takes care of you, even if it’s from afar. With Reiki, which is a Japanese healing technique, we say “there’s no time or space,” and the energy can be directed towards your energy field wherever you are. I think it’s helping a lot of us stay energetically strong and during this time so that we can also do our job to serve others.

I’ve also pulled into teaching Reiki virtually! I love connecting with my students and getting in face to face connections via video. Doing my job and helping others in this time of need actually puts me in a calmer and stronger space. I think educating others in self-healing {which is what Reiki 1 is all about} is a great tool to spread right now.

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What product do you admit to stockpiling? 

For me, it’s definitely not  toilet paper and Lysol wipes. I love my essential oils by DoTerra, particularly On Guard which helps in boosting the immune system. I use a few drops daily on my wrists and back of the neck. Also, my Reiki candles made by healer Trista Price over at healingsacredspace.com. They keep my home vibrations uplifted and filled with positive energy, which is so important right now. Oh, and one more thing — I definitely keep my Rosebud CBD oil in stock for me and my clients, to calm nerves and help with a restful night of sleep.

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Are there any online exercises you recommend? 

Energy exercises and guided meditations by Jay Shetty that include deep breathing and visual imagery.

What have you been able to creatively recreate from your daily routine at home? {ex. workout routine, self-massage, facial, etc}

Oh, that’s a great question. I’ve set up a space that is just for writing/journaling that feels meditative and uplifting. It gives me a sense of peace and also stimulates my creative side and I know there’s no judgment since no one is reading my thoughts but me. I can just write and release and expel all that energy out of me.

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What are some of your favorite local businesses you can’t wait to reopen {and are currently supporting from afar}?

I am obsessed with Alfalfa {I live around the corner and would go there on a regular basis}. Looking forward to devouring a Laguna Salad and Lavender Donut again! I also cannot wait until House of Healer {Sara Khosrowjerdi} opens back up as she keeps me spiritually, emotionally, and physically in check with her deep healing and acupuncture sessions. Luckily, she has an awesome blog up at houseofhealer.com that shares so many wonderful tips {from self-care, to being an empath during this time, holistic ways to cope with fear, etc.}. 

I also can’t wait until Kristen Mangione of ZenSpace is back in action {although she does have some amazing online tools} and she works on chakra dance movement which you can also pull into through her home-based program now. Overall, I’m just so amazed at how strong our community and the entrepreneurial spirit is in Hoboken, it’s really great to see how creative people have been in modifying their services to support others during this time! Proud to be a part of it!

Keep up with Asha at @reikitraveler!

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