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Accessories Boutique Opening in Jersey City Next Month

by Victoria Marie Moyeno
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Arcos Upcycled, a new studio that will specialize in an array of accessories made of upcycled high-end materials, is opening at 521 Jersey Avenue in Jersey City. Read on to learn more about what to expect from this new boutique and when it will be opening its doors to the public.

Arcos Upcycled

The new downtown JC boutique curates Italian silk neckties and other items (preowned) and upcycles the prints into accessories like handmade headbands, including Hermes, smartwatch wristbands, hair scrunchies, phone cases, and more.

Arcos Upcycled jersey city

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“I am a single mom of 7-year-old Washington (2nd grader at LCCS). I myself was born with the disability FASD and am a patient of Rutgers U. Health. I am originally a girl from Rio but have called Jersey City home for 15 years,” Tati Tavares, the owner of Arcos Upcycled shared with us.

Arcos Upcycled jersey city

As for the inspiration behind starting the brand, Tatiana shared, “I’ve been a fashion connoisseur all my adult life and once spent the night in a line for a Versace collaboration! I just think fashion should be more accessible than that.”

It all started out of a simple need for an accessory. “I wanted a headband but not just any headband, a nice stylish one. When I started searching for designer brand options they all cost $200 and above and that was too much for me. And then one day while looking through my storage —which means suitcases under my bed— I summed up that I had countless garments that no longer fit me after gaining weight in the pandemic and I could make better use of those! I realize I could craft the headbands myself using some Jimmy Choo leather and guessed, you know what people would like to have these as well, for a fair price!”

Arcos Upcycled

She continued, “My know-how with the best brand selection comes from the experience of me exporting multi-brand fashion to my native Brazil for over 10 years (started 2009) and pioneering the businesses on social media.”

“This year with opening the Boutique Studio I look forward to welcoming our community to our cozy little store, having the recognition for the work I craft by hand, and also to accumulate funding for my FASD initiative! Five percent of all sales will be reverted to the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder fund I’ve created, this fund will go to youth and also unemployed adults, victims of FASD like myself. If you Google ‘CDC FASD secondary disorders’ you will understand that people with this Neurobehavioral developmental disability have a very hard time securing and sustaining jobs and any assistance is very welcomed and helpful!”

The ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place on March 1st.

Shop Arcos Upcycled online at ArcosNYC.com and follow the brand on Instagram at @ArcosNYC.

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Other accessory boutiques in Jersey City include Love Locked, Kanibal & Co., Noellery, and SECUR. For more vintage and upcycled clothes and accessories in town, stop into Another Man’s Treasure, Mint Market, Xtina’s Variety + Vintage Shop, and Zero Kids.

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