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Your Guide to April Horoscopes

by Shawn Engel
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What an empowering month ahead! Venus, the planet of love and money, enters the sign of duality (Gemini) on April 3rd. On the 7th we have a full moon in Libra that has relationships at the forefront of our mind. Messenger planet Mercury moves into creative Aries on the 11th and stays there until the 27th when it slows down into sensual Taurus. On April 20th the sun moves from Aries to Taurus, and then the 22nd brings us a new moon in this Venusian sign. The planet of the underworld, Pluto, has us all-embracing our shadow side when it goes retrograde in Capricorn on the 25th, and that wraps up the month! So get ready to find out what to expect from the zodiac this month — here’s your guide to April Horoscopes. 



It’s all about you Aries {but you already knew that}. We’re finally out of Mercury’s retroshade period so your solar return is no longer clouded by tech fails. With the messenger planet in your sign for most of the month, you’ll be speaking more clearly and more directly than you have in the past few astrological seasons. With Venus in the sign of duality and the full moon in your opposing sign, Libra, and the 11th, you’ll be called to think more of the “other” than the “self.” Think of what you can do to strengthen your relationships this month, and remember your part to play in them. When the new moon arrives in Taurus on the 22nd, you’ll want to set intentions for self-care, so even though you’re notorious for powering through full steam ahead, you’ll be called to breathe deeply and tend to yourself.


We’re so close to your season, Taurus, and the planets are aligning in your favor. For the start of April, make sure you’re taking action instead of contemplating and strategizing. Aries energy is impulsive, but with your grounding energy, you can channel it in a way that is conducive to you. With Venus {your ruling planet} moving into dual and mercurial Gemini, you’re going to feel a lot more chatty about love and money this month. With the full moon in Libra on the 11th {another Venus-ruled sign}, you’ll be called to bring this chattiness to your relationships. Speak your mind loud and proud. From the 20th, when the sun moves into your sign, all of the action you’ve taken will begin to pay off, and on the 22nd when the moon is new in your sign, you can bask in it. On the 27th when Mercury moves into your sign, you will notice that the whole world is starting to speak your language. Use that to your benefit when Pluto goes retrograde in fellow earth sign Capricorn, because we will all be feeling an existential drain. Your communication skills will help make sense of it all. 

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Oh happy Gemini, this month is full of luck for you. Venus, the planet of love and money, moves into your sign on the 3rd, which means good fortune will shine in those areas for you. With the sun in powerful Aries, this fire energy feels right up your alley and you’re ready to start capitalizing on it. The moon is full in fellow air sign Libra on the 7th, which will shift focus to relationships. As the sign of duality, look at your relationship with yourself. Ask yourself what needs healing. Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in three signs this month, moving from Pisces to Aries on the 11th and then slowing into Taurus on the 27th. Use the Aries energy to be blunt with your needs, and then Taurus to relax into your ownership of them. When the sun moves into Taurus on the 20th and brings a new moon on the 22nd, it will bring grounding energy that you desperately need, but may feel like moving through sludge for you. Embrace the pace.

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Things are heating up, Cancer. Aries energy is intense and passionate, and things may feel like a whirlwind for most of April. With your ruling planet, the moon, opposing the Aries sun on the 11th becoming full in Libra, you will be called to look at your relationships in all shapes and forms. Get prepared to release old patterns and ideals that no longer serve you. When the moon is new in Taurus on the 22nd, start setting some intentions to bring beauty into your home. You will be called to spruce things up a bit after you’ve cleared away the clutter with some spring cleaning.


You are feeling your oats, little lions. With the sun in fellow fire sign Aries, things are finally beginning to move at a speed you’re accustomed to. With the moon full in Libra on the 11th,  be prepared to examine your relationships in terms of your friends. Things slow down a bit with your ruling planet, the sun, shifting into Taurus on the 20th, which brings you back down to earth. Practice glamour magick in the Taurus season — set an intention on the new moon on the 22nd to bring intention into your closet, your self-care routine, and your aesthetic. Beauty and glamour are very Venusian, and you can amplify it in your own killer way!

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The energy may be moving too quickly for you at the start of the month, allowing some of the details to fall through the cracks, but don’t fret dear Virgos. Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in three signs this month, moving from Pisces into Aries on the 11th and then Taurus on the 22nd. The pattern of the month for you is a journey, but if you begin by embracing your feelings and fantasies, channeling them forward with passion, and then creating permanence into your new normal, you can flow through this month with an empowered grace. Pluto goes retrograde at the end of the month in fellow earth sign Capricorn, and this will affect you more than others. Your normal detailed and organized self may have a bit of a crisis, but just notice which questions come up for you and allow the answers to float to you naturally. Learning to experience with a detached presence is a truly enlightened approach.


We have a full moon in your sign this month and it really suits you. When your ruling planet Venus moves into fellow air sign Gemini on the 3rd, you’re going to feel a big shift in love and money. Travel and experiences will be highlighted in this transit, so be on the lookout for new adventures. When the moon is full in your sign on the 7th, look at how your relationships are serving you. Since the sun is in your polar sign Aries at this time, it’s best to look at your role in your relationships. The sun will then move into fellow Venusian ruled-sign, Taurus, on the 20th, bringing with it a new moon in Taurus on the 22nd. Really sink into your self-care for this transit, and whatever answers were brought to your attention on the full moon, really sink into the healing around them for the remainder of the month.


Aries season suits you, fierce scorpion. As one of your ruling planets, Mars, also rules Aries, you’re feeling at home with the pace. The sun and mercury in the warrior planet’s sign are helping propel all of your visions forward that were kept at a standstill during the previous transits. The full moon in Libra on the 7th has a focus on relationships, but for you, think of your business partners. Keep your eyes on the prize and know that your skills are valuable, so guard them as such. When the sun moves into your polar sign Taurus on the 20th, followed by a new moon on the 22nd, you will be hyper-focused on how you feel at work. Finally, your other ruling planet, Pluto, goes retrograde in Capricorn on the 27th. This will create more questions surrounding the workplace. Try your best not to feel pressured to find all the answers {you are the detective of the zodiac, after all} and instead observe them and let the answers come to you.

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You’re feeling strong at the start of the month, archers. Aries season brings the flame that you’re used to, as a fellow fire sign. When Mercury moves into Aries on the 11th, be careful, however, because everyone will be feeling as blunt as you — shy away from arguments! The full moon in Libra on the 7th will have you thinking about the cerebral side of your relationships, highlighting the communication sector of your chart. Start pondering how you communicate with everyone in your life, and what you can do to empower your needs in that arena. When the sun moves into Taurus on the 20th, it will bring some much-needed grounding to your energy. Really embrace that on the 22nd when the moon is new in Taurus and set the intention to slow your roll to benefit yourself.


As the professionals of the zodiac, you are really working under this Aries fire. The passion and creativity that comes with this season are fueling your work ethic. When the moon is full, however, it will bring awareness to the relationships with your family and how that is serving you. When the sun shifts into fellow earth sign Taurus on the 20th, you will be feeling very familiar grounding energy, however, money and love will be on the brain. Ponder how can you embrace normalcy and security while chasing something new that you desire. This is a great focus for the new moon on the 22nd. Finally, Pluto goes retrograde in your sign on the 27th, shifting your perspective more than others. That question from the new moon will have more importance for you. Let it shift and see if you can experience the movement without planning your next step.


Venus moving into fellow air sign Gemini does wonders for your wallet and your love life this month. Starting on the 3rd, you will be experiencing big luck in these areas. While Gemini is the sign of duality, it lights up the Aries ruled sector of your chart, the section of self, and all eyes will be on you. Between the Sun, Mercury, and Venus all working in your favor, this is going to be a big month for you in terms of career and romance. The full moon in fellow air sign Libra on the 7th will secure this feeling, so embrace it. When the sun shifts into Taurus on the 20th, followed by a new moon on the 22nd, you will be brought down to earth again, but this is a great time to create some permanence in your self-confidence. 


And just like that, your season is over! While it is bitter-sweet, you still have Mercury in your sign until the 11th, which brings fantastical energy to everyone’s communication without the retroshade vibe. Everyone is feeling a tad poetic at the start of the month, and you are feeling it, too. When the moon is full in Libra on the 7th, the romantic energy you so enjoy is cascading down from the heavens. But this is an opportunity for you, sweet fish— think about how you can enforce some boundaries around your relationships. We know boundaries aren’t your strongest suit, but this realization will make the coming months not only easier but more successful for you. When the sun moves into Taurus on the 20th and brings with it a new moon on the 22nd, you will experience real grounding energy that you’ve been missing. Embrace this by rooting yourself into the ground each morning as a practice, and your boundaries will become your new normal in no time.

What are you expecting from your horoscope this month? Let us know in the comments below!


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