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Taylor Duncan of Team HG Shares Her Adoption Story

by Taylor Duncan
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Adoption — it’s such a joyous word that holds so much meaning to me every day. Without that word, I don’t have the most wonderful parents in my life. Without that word, I don’t have a brother who is not only a best friend but can relate to me on a level that very few can. Read one to learn more about Taylor’s adoption story.

adoption story taylor duncan

My Story

I grew up in Hunterdon County, where my brother and I played organized sports, attended birthday parties, worked on school projects at the counter, and learned how to ride a bike in the neighborhood cul-de-sac. If you think it sounds incredibly normal, you’re right. It was normal. But there was always one word that set you apart from friends and those around you. It was “adoption”.

I’m Taylor Duncan, Hoboken Girl’s Social Media Coordinator— and this is my adoption story.

It was no secret that my brother, Bryan, and I were adopted. Mom and Dad made sure to introduce the word “adoption” to us at a young age. A couple of my favorite children’s books {that I always requested as bedtime stories} were: Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born by Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell, and Over the Moon: An Adoption Tale by Karen Katz. 

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Not only through resources, but through transparency, the word was normalized throughout our childhood. Our parents made themselves more than available whenever we had questions about the process or just wanted to talk. And we were lucky to find ourselves in a circle where people not only understood adoption and my parents’ journey — but those who had actually gone through it themselves.

Both my brother and I were adopted through Golden Cradle Adoption Services — an agency that assists families throughout the adoption cycle. I can’t tell you I remember anything about the actual adoption process. But I do know I’m forever grateful for the agency that brought my parents and brother into my life. 

In 1995, I remember wearing an “I Am The Big Sister”. This was because my parents were going to adopt my baby brother, and I was tagging along. It’s by far one of my greatest {and proudest} moments through photographs. 

adoption story taylor duncan

Adoption is absolutely beautiful, but it can also bring about challenges. A lot of adoptees do have trouble navigating their surroundings. Reasons can include a variance of racial/ethnic background, a child having a difficult time settling into a foster or adoption family, and of course, the natural curiosity about the whole situation.

Surrounded by open-minded family and friends, our little family was lucky. Bryan and I were both born biracial and adopted by our parents — an interracial couple. As a biracial family {regardless if adopted or not}, you’re always going to “stick out” to some people. You’re going to be subjected to the double-takes when in the grocery store or on vacation. And the four of us definitely had encountered our fair share {and still do to this day}. But in the end, it only makes us stronger and more aware.

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As for curiosity? There’s always going to be some. How would my life be different? What if I was matched with different parents? And more. Those thoughts should not be pushed aside. They’re healthy and should be used for appreciation, and to grow. To be honest, there hasn’t been enough curiosity between my brother and me to act on any of these matters. Sure, we’ve done DNA testing kits for ethnicity purposes — but we’ve always kept them pretty private. 

If there was one thing I would tell all parties involved it’s just this:

Thank you for providing me with the most loving family and wonderful 27 years thus far. It’s a miracle that I get to call them mine.

Learning and sharing adoption experiences have only helped me. And out of respect for all parties’ privacy, I hope to do the same. By communicating as much as I can, especially during #NationalAdoptionMonth.


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