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Adoptable Pets of the Week: Agnes, Vera, and Abigail

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Give an adorable little animal a home this winter! All of the pets below are available at Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City.

Agnes & Vera

Agnes & Vera

Agnes: https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/31213400

Vera: https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/31213416/

Agnes (white with tabby spots) and her sister Vera were found inside a tupperware bin on a Jersey City playground when they were just five weeks old. Now they are four months old, and they still think they’re babies.

Vera’s favorite things are (in order of preference): dirt, food, and her feather mouse on a string (which is maybe tied with her sister, Agnes). When she’s not rolling in dirt, dragging her mouse around, or eating the plants, she’s curled up next to her foster mom pretending she has no idea where that ball of twine went. She purrs instantly when you pick her up, and loves to cuddle. And she wants to remind you that she really has NO IDEA where that ball of twine is. In case you were wondering.Agnes lets Vera beat her up because Vera doesn’t complain too much when Agnes sucks on her ears when she’s sleeping. Speaking of sleeping, when her foster mom tries to go to bed Agnes makes a beeline for her face and starts kneading her neck furiously. Agnes would like nothing more than for you to always be home so she could lay on your wrists while you’re trying to type (which actually kind of works). She loves to eat. She also loves fighting with her sister over a toy feather mouse on a string, and running around the house with dried leaves she found somewhere. Agnes wanted me to tell you that she would really, really like you to hold her… right now.


Abigail: https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/30217774/

Abigail is a 1 year old mixed breed puppy, a cute little girl with sable-colored fur with white accents. Agibail came to us with a bit of an allergy, but LHS found the right diet for her and she’s allergy free — and extra gorgeous!  She came to the shelter as a stray dog , and has quickly found her way to be the center of our affection!  Adoptable Abigail  is a social butterfly, enjoys human company and confidently struts up to new people with wiggles and tail wags (and sometimes kisses, too!).
She does tug a bit on her leash right now, but that’s just because she’s so excited to be outside! With regular exercise and a little training, her leash manners will soon be lovely.Since she’s still in my puppyhood, as you might expect, she’s active and fun loving.  If you are looking for a hiking or jogging partner, our Abigail would be a great choice; she could help keep you in shape!We think Abigail would do best with slightly older children who wouldn’t be overwhelmed by her silly nature, and wants to be the center of your attention, so no other pets, please!
Any of these animals catch your eye? Come pay them a visit at Liberty Humane Society in 235 Jersey City Boulevard in Jersey City!

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