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Adoptable Hoboken Pup: Fiona {The Yorkshire Terrier}

by Kristina
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This sweet girl is looking for a happy ending to her story that started as a sad tale. Fiona, a 4-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, was found neglected and alone in the Bronx with gum in her hair, undernourished, and in need of surgery. But thankfully, she was taken in by some wonderful people in the area who then reached out to Wise Animal Rescue for additional assistance to help with her condition.

^ Fiona now, ready for belly rubs.

When she was found, Fiona’s fur was completely matted, causing her discomfort and pain, and she desperately needed her nails trimmed as they were growing into her paws. Even though the cards were stacked against her, Wise Animal Rescue was able to have her groomed and she is now in a foster home where she is learning how to run and play. Fiona is experiencing love for the first time. Even though it was discovered that she has a double-eye condition that will need surgery, Fiona’s foster mom reports that she is coming around quickly. Every day, a new aspect of her personality reveals itself. Her tail is no longer down between her legs and she will give you a kiss for some snuggles. Fiona is potty trained and will sleep through the night.

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^ Fiona when she was first found — such a difference to her condition today!

Do you have another dog at home? Fiona enjoys the company of other pups and the rescue feels she would do well living with another dog to instill confidence in her. She may be able to live with cats as well, and with children over the age of 10.

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Fiona is ready to find a family that will show her the unconditional love she deserves. She may have had one of the worst starts, but she holds no grudges. Fiona is sweet, affectionate, and is very eager to please her owners.

^ Such a snuggler.

On July 22, Wise Animal Rescue’s dog Phoenix was featured on HG Unfortunately, Phoenix had a severe allergic reaction and had to be rushed to the hospital a few days later. The cost of his emergency medical care, in addition to the medical care Fiona has had and will continue to need, has financially crippled the rescue. They are hosting an online fundraiser in hopes of defraying some of the costs of these two dogs’ veterinary visits. If you can, please donate at www.youcaring.com/savefiona. No donation is too small and all of the money will go to helping the rescue’s dogs!

Interested in adopting Fiona? Contact Kristina at [email protected]
And, to see more adoptable dogs available through Wise Animal Rescue, visit www.wiseanimalrescue.org/adoptable-dogs

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