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The Saddest Goldendoodle Goodbye: A Hoboken Dog Story

by Will
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For Mex the Double Doodle {a Goldendoodle pup} and his mom Melissa, Friday January 25th, 2019 started out like any great day. Cuddles on the bed followed by a short walk down to their favorite breakfast spot, The Little Grocery in Hoboken. Mex had been stopping by to get bacon from owner Neamet since he was a puppy for nine years. This time was, however, was different. For Mex this would be his last bacon run with his mom Melissa. Keep reading to find out more about this heart Goldendoodle goodbye. 

Mex and Melissa

It all started last year. Mex was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma {blood cancer}. He had surgery to remove the cancerous tumor, followed by fours rounds of radiation. His mom Melissa was devastated, but hopeful. Mex recovered well and resumed his routine {playing at the park with his pals + loving his family}.

Unfortunately, stomach problems arose + a CAT scan showed that cancer had spread. Mex received blood transfusions and for some months he was in the clear. He was finally behaving like his normal happy and goofy self.

“Mex flew to us in Hoboken at eight weeks old from a family farm in Ohio and was greeted by Mayor Zimmer at a block party on Monroe Street the day he arrived,” dog mom Melissa said. 

Goldendoodle mex

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Although some of Mex’s symptoms resurfaced, Mex had such a love for life and will to live. “Mex  LOVED to volunteer as a Certified Therapy Animal at local schools. On weekends he loved to hike and swim at Ramapo Reservation, Bear mountain, and Liberty State Park. He loved anything with water whether it was kayaking, paddleboarding, and also just traveling to new places.” said Melissa. 

His love for life was apparent at the dog park where even as a senior dog he would always try to frolic and keep up with his younger friends. He loved play group!”

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Unfortunately, Mex’s health deteriorated rapidly. He was no longer acting like his happy self, and worst of all started to experience pain from his cancer aggressively returning. Melissa had to make the most difficult decision a pet parent could ever make.  That last Friday together, after getting his last pieces of bacon, Mex bid his final goodbye to his friend Neamet, owner of The Little Grocery. Neamet was devastated.

“I can’t believe it. He’s not just a dog to me. He’s a friend! It’s crazy how animals can make you love them so much. It feels like he was just a puppy coming for his first pieces of bacon yesterday,” said Neamet.

Mex goodbye

^Neamet wiping tears away as he says farewell to his furry friend.

Mex peacefully crossed over the rainbow bridge that afternoon. Although he is greatly missed he will live on forever through memories. “He was such a great dog. We really had the best time together. I’ll miss him dearly,” Melissa said.

Donate to Mex’s GoFundMe for his medical bill fundraiser here.

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