• 6 Ways to Celebrate National Watermelon Day in Hoboken {A Day Late}

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    So we may be a little late to the watermelon party, but I just haaad to post about watermelon. One of the best summer fruits, of course. So fresh, thirst-quenching, and delish. Here are a few ways to enjoy some waddamellen {in different mediums, we’ll say} :

    1. Cafe Matt & Meera Watermelon Juice.

    matt and meera

    You’ve probably heard me talk about this juice before. It is SO good. 100% watermelon, blended, in a mason jar. Of course. Yum!

    2. Watermelon Accessories at Battaglia’s.

    watermelon battaglias

    No, really. Battaglia’s Home has some adorable watermelon {and cantelope} paraphernalia that you can pick up for your summer tablescape. So cute!


    3. Watermelon Beer at Pier 13. 

    watermelon beer hoboken

    It really does taste like watermelon. You have to try it next time you’re at Pier 13!

    4. Watermelon Tinis at Three A’s.

    Absolut Vodka, Watermelon Pucker, and Sour Mix makes one watermellony martini. It’s $10, but on Tuesday’s it is a whopping $5. Not bad, not bad at all  for some watermelon with a kick! Or, you can make your own:

    watermelon martini

    Watermelon Martini Recipe found here.


    5. Watermelon Martinis at 3 Forty Grill.

    There are several martinis at 3 Forty Grill {funny how all of the martinis are housed at restaurant/bars with “three” in their title — but I digress}. The 3 Forty Tini consists of Skyy Raspberry, Malibu, Triple Sec, Watermelon Pucker, Banana Liquer, Pineapple Puree…and the Cucumber Melon martini boasts Cucumber Watermelon Vodka.

    6. Make-Your-Own Watermlon Juice.

    Watermelon Juice 4

    All you need is watermelon, ice, and a blender. Cut up the watermelon in chunks, add a bit of water and ice, and then … Voila! Refreshing drinks for dayyyys.

    Always in mason jars. Duh.

    Always in mason jars. Duh.



    Welp, better late than never. How are you/did you celebrate National Watermelon Day?

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