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6 Hoboken and Jersey City Authors to Watch {and Read!}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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It’s not every day that someone writes a book, but in {and around} Hoboken, there is a powerhouse group of women who have added “author” to their accomplishments list. These ladies are successful, smart, talented, and driven. From style guides to cookbooks to owning your i$h and chasing your dreams, you’ll find there’s nothing that you CAN’T do, if you take a page out of any of these ladies’ {life} books.

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Today we’re dishing on some noteworthy authors to watch in Hoboken and Jersey City {and also where to find their book(s)!}.

Elizabeth Barry: Own Your Vulnerability


The lady behind bringing TedX to Hoboken and a creative thinker inspiring other women on a regular basis has written a book! Elizabeth Barry is no stranger to the Hoboken entrepreneurial scene {and seeking out new and exciting opportunities. Most recently, Elizabeth wrote a women’s empowerment book called Own Your Vulnerability, which inspires women to develop the leadership skills it takes to blossom into self-loving, powerful women. Each chapter highlights a special story that unlocks precious opportunities to love the various barriers that show up in a lifetime, sharing about life, self-love, spirituality, and career obstacles and accomplishments.

In the book, Elizabeth profiles 20 women who explore, discover, and define their greatness with tales that will melt your heart. “If you’ve ever fallen, dusted off, and gotten back up, this book is for you,” she says. “If you feel stuck, if you’re afraid to show your feelings, or you’re not sure what your purpose may be, let Own Your Vulnerability become your clarity towards your next big step in life- loving yourself, first!”

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For more info and where to purchase Own Your Vulnerability, click here.


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Marissa Klein: The Dream Big Academy {Series}


Owner of Choice Fashion Media, Marissa is a Hoboken resident who had a dream of being a writer…and turned it into a reality. Now she’s writing book two of her children’s series, The Dream Big Academy. In her latest children’s book, Rosie wants to be a ballerina {and before that, a fireman}. Can you say #goals?

Says Marissa, “When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an author. It was the first “job” I remember wanting to do, but believe me there were a bunch after that- actress, news anchor, etc.  I wrote books as young as 5, I constantly filled notebooks of lined paper with my little girl scribble. So, 2013 was the year that I decided to practice what I preach.  I was going to chase a dream…I was going to write a book, even though it was not the novel I thought it would be when I was 10.  Instead, it was a love letter from my first baby {as the owner of Choice Fashion & Media} to my real baby {Sienna Briele, now 7}. I put pen to paper wrote Rosie Wants to be a Fireman, the first installment of The Dream Big Academy series, telling my daughter she could dream {and do} whatever she wanted to. And now, a few magical years later, I wrote book two. For so many reasons!  Because our dreams can change. One day, we can want to be a fireman, and one day, we may want to be a dancer!” And in the millennial world, that’s just how we do.

Today, Marissa’s daughter Sienna wants to be an artist, and her younger daughter, Summer, wants to be Elsa. And as for Mommy? She wants to write a book series while inspiring others to follow their inner most dreams.  Yeah giiiirl.

To purchase the Dream Big Academy Series, click here.

Jennifer Iserloh: The Fifty Shades of Kale

Hoboken Authors Jennifer Iserloh Fify Shades of Kale

Famous for her superfood sauces and mouth-watering recipes, this culinary sensation co-authored a book with Dr. Drew Ramsey called 50 Shades of Kale. This cookbook turns one of the healthiest foods around into delicious, accessible meals. “Health food doesn’t have to be boring or bland if you put a little love and attention into it! And as we know from the medical research out there, kale is definitely a ‘friend with benefits,’” says Jennifer, otherwise known as the Skinny Chef {who is also behind the food holiday #NationalKaleDay – October 3rd}.

“Kale is the star of our book and well-known as the queen of healing compounds, since ‘she’ plays a starring role in supporting brain and bone health. But it is her lesser-known qualities that enchant and hold us prisoner. Her sulforaphane helps to protect against inflammation and diseases like cancer and diabetes, her flavonoids— responsible for her many deep colors— offer a boost to cardiac health and our immune system. Kale offers more vitamin C than an orange, more pro- vitamin A than any other leafy green, and a tiny 1-cup serving has close to 3x as much calcium as a school lunch-size carton of milk.”

It’s clear the book aims to release you from the bondage of guilt in eating {with recipes such as cocoa delight [a mix cocoa, kale, and cherries]}— encouraging its readers to prepare and eat decadent-tasting foods that are also good for you! Yes, you can have it all 🙂


Lynda Layng: Lynda’s Healing Kitchen

lynda layng healing kitchen hoboken author

Better known as the Healthy Hoboken Girl {who is a holistic health coach and shining ray of positive light on the Hoboken health scene}, Lynda was inspired to start her healthy food journey after several family members’ tragically passed, and she realized the importance of nourishing your body with whole, healthy foods. Lynda’s Healing Kitchen, is filled with delicious recipes meant to satisfy, heal, and nourish your body, specifically her popular plant-based recipes — all bundled into one place.

“Each recipe is sprinkled with stories of hope, happiness and healing— a celebration of positive life transformation and how it all came together in our mile square city of Hoboken, NJ,” says Lynda. “Today my diet looks a lot different even than it did a few years ago, and I delight in helping others live their best life and eat more plans. Wherever you find yourself today, it’s never too late to take one small step in a positive, healthy direction. We are all on our own journey to health and happiness and each person has  unique path.” Her top tips? Lynda says that adding variety, rotating your meals, and keeping it mostly real with unprocessed foods is best. “Honor your body and your commitment to your health.”

Lynda’s book is now available on Amazon!


Tiffany Piñero: Werk Your Wardrobe


You may know her as the contributor and style expert of Hoboken Girl {and a seasoned stylist and trend forecaster in NYC & Hoboken in her own right}, but Tiffany can now add author to her list of accomplishments. This fashionable and fierce lady has created a coffee table book this is chock full of her latest and greatest style secrets…and it doesn’t disappoint. Tiffany developed the book idea when she began working with personal style clients one-on-one, and many were facing the same challenge: not knowing multiple ways to wear a garment…and make it feel and look new each time.

Says Tiffany, “This book is an extension of my blog where I dish on fashion — and how to achieve style greatness while also living in reality. If you’re on a realistic budget, have limited closet space, and don’t want to have to wear 40+ accessories at once, you will be picking up what I’m putting down.” This colorful guide contains stories from Tiffany’s own personal style diary as well as style tips and specific visuals on how to maximize key pieces in a {some-what} classic wardrobe.

You can purchase her book online here or in-store at Aaraa!



Ali Maffucci: Inspiralized


Fun fact: before she was an Instagram star, Ali Maffucci did her FIRST ever #Inspiralized guest post on HobokenGirl.com. Yes, you heard correctly! Hailing from Jersey City, Ali started Inspiralized out of a pure passion for eating healthy and helping others. When she discovered the spiralizer and quickly learned how easily it could be used to make creative, delicious, and nutritious meals, she immediately looked online and was sad to find that there was no community or resources available for those who spiralize. Committed to spreading the word about spiralizing and sharing her recipes, she started Inspiralized.com, the definitive resource for cooking with a spiralizer.

Ali’s first cookbook, Inspiralizedincludes everything she’s learned through spiralizing almost *every* single day for the past few years. It’s definitely a great resource for cooking with a spiralizer and has everything you need to know to start spiralizing. The cookbook is filled with tons of technical tips, tricks, and detailed descriptions and nutritional benefits for each spiralizeable vegetable, including how to prep, spiralize and cook them. There are best practices and cooking method charts, along with picture tutorials on how to make spiralized meals.

Ali says, “The recipes in this book include a few blog classics that I’ve strengthened, while the rest are brand-new, original recipes that are meant to inspire you to try different cuisines, meal types and vegetables. Each recipe has nutritional information, to help you maintain your healthy diet. However, there’s so much more to this book that just the recipes and the how-tos. A small piece of me lives in every page – whether it’s a picture, the introductory story or the anecdotal headnotes to the recipes. There’s no shortage of love in this book.”

To purchase Ali’s book, click here.

So there you have it. Six amazing ladies with six powerful missions {and a way with words, of course}. But we’re not done yet. This is just the beginning — if you know a Hoboken author {male or female}, email [email protected] to submit their names/book for a potential feature.


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