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{Healthy} Hoboken Girl: 5 Easy Ways to Get More Greens on Your Plate

by Lynda
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We all want to eat well, but sometimes we just don’t know where to begin. I understand. We start the day off with the best of intentions and then, well you know what happens.


You’re not alone. No matter what diet you’re following, we can all benefit by adding in more plants. Here are some of my favorite tricks to fit them in each day.


1. Use Your Hands

Hands down {no pun intended} my favorite rule. Some nights after working all day my ‘salad’ is just a large fistful of greens from a clamshell lettuce pack. That’s it. Add dressing or lemon juice, salt & pepper and eat it. It’s that easy.


2. Big Salad Rule

salad hoboken girl

I try to live with the Dr. Fuhrman approach and eat at least one LARGE salad a day. Filled with fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it’s a great way to boost your energy level, aid in digestion and make it easy to hit your daily servings of vegetables.


3. Spiralize It

I’m a latecomer to this trendy trick with zucchini noodles. However, it does make me enjoy raw pesto tomato salads and make some easy weeknight meals in the summer. Making vegetables into pasta like shapes helps us eat more nutrient dense food without adding lots of calories. Even though I’m cringing just typing this trick, as I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes because it’s all over the place these days. Pick one up, invest in your health…it’s a great way to add in more real food. {HG editor’s note: Check out Inspiralized.com for some great spiralizer recipes!}.


4. Make a Homemade Dressing

Nothing makes we devour a plate of greens than having a homemade salad dressing to pour over it. Whisk up your favorite vinegar, lime-juice, honey mustard, pepper, garlic powder {or whatever floats your boat!}, and you’re good to go!


5. Rotate Greens

anthony davids salad

Don’t get caught in the same old routine. Rotate your greens and eat a variety of fresh, dark leafy greens, and/or tender butter lettuces. {HG note: See above, some delicious Kale from Anthony David’s!}. It really makes a difference flavor wise, and it’s an easy way to trick yourself into eating another salad.


For more recipes, motivation, and information, find Lynda at lyndalayng.com.

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